Be a Beta Tester

We need your help in making our apps great! We are constantly working on new apps and updates to existing ones. In order to make them the best that they can be each one should be thoroughly tested prior to release on the AppStore.
That is where you come in. Apply to be a Blue Lightning Labs beta tester and you will have the opportunity to play with our apps before anyone else. You may run into a bug or two but you'll also be able to influence the quality and features of our apps.
  • Early access to apps
  • Improve app quality
  • Influence app features
  • Free apps for active beta testers
Can anyone be a beta tester?
Yep, just about anyone. If you have one, or more, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the latest version of iOS installed then chances are great that you can be one of our beta testers. Simply fill out the form below to apply.
What does it mean to be an active beta tester?
Active testers download and install new beta releases in a timely manner. They use the app and try to utilize as many features as possible. When errors occur they report them back to us. They also provide constructive feedback on what they like about the app and what could be better.
Will I really get the app for free?
Yep. If you're an active beta tester you'll get a free copy of the app whenever it is released on the AppStore.
How will I get app beta versions? Do I download it from the AppStore?
When we have a new beta version ready we will send out an email with a link to download the app. There is a little setup on your end the very first time but the process is smooth and painless. The app is not downloaded from the AppStore but rather it is downloaded directly from our servers.
Can I run beta versions on any iPhone or iPad?
Nope. Only iPhones and iPads accepted into the beta program will be able to install and run beta apps.
I have created data in the beta version of the app. Can I continue to use a beta version of the app?
Not really. While we encourage testers to use beta apps to their fullest extent they do eventually expire. In addition, there is no guarantee that data will be maintained between beta versions. If you're an active beta tester you'll get a free full version of the app for normal use.
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Tell us a little about yourself. Which iOS devices do you plan to use for testing? What interests you about our beta program?