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Math Facts

Math Fact skills building with interactive math tables, flash cards and testing. Focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any mix of them all. Customize practice and play sessions with highly configurable settings. Set the range of numbers to emphasize, the order in which they appear, commutability, horizontal or vertical problems. Expand understanding and improve thinking by switching up the answer position. Then take it to the next level by playing against the clock.
Track all users progress with deep reporting. Send the details of an important session via richly formatted email or export them all for your own customized reporting solution.
Fully accessible with complete Voice Over support. Use Guided Access to limit user access to sensitive areas such as the parent/teacher screen.
Focused Math Practice
Math Facts guides students in strengthening core math studies in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Lessons are tailored to focus on the exact area of study through a highly configurable lesson creator.
Interactive Math Tables
Interactive math tables allow learners to visualize the concepts between numbers and operations.
Detailed Progress Reporting
Detailed reporting across multiple user sessions. Track progress for all users identifying areas mastered and those needing improvement. Email details of a single session or export them all for custom reporting.
Restrict Access
Utilizes new features in iOS 7 Guided Access allowing the parent or teacher to restrict student access to sensitive areas of the app such as user creation, lesson configuration or progress reports.
Fully Accessible
Use Voice Over for complete accessibility for the visually impaired. Navigate all areas of the UI and work on lessons using only Siri as a guide. Available in seven languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.